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At Fit Football Junior Academy we aim to provide the best all round experience for our Juniors and all round football experience. We have developed " the fit football way" which closely follows the FA four corners module in youth development originally set out by England Manager Gareth Southgate. We stride forward to promote creative & confident players both on and off the ball and emphasising the highest standards in sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, responsibility and respect for others.

We will measure our success on how well our players develop not just on the pitch but as young people while remembering that this is a competitive sport.

If our Academy players are enjoying there football and developing there skills and being taught the beautiful game by our enthusiastic and dedicated coaches, then we know we can acheive great things together.


we implement a possession-based attacking system. We teach a progressive possession philosophy that focuses on playing out of the back, playing through the lines, and creating and finish scoring chances. In the defensive phase, we want to win the ball back as quickly as possible and defending in an organized way.


Pursue the highest standard in youth development by providing the best possible environment for player growth, enjoyment and character development within a unified and cohesive club structure.


At Fit Football Junior academy we strive for excellence and the best possible football experience for our Juniors, Our junior academy and our mens league is based at Play Football indoor arena. With state of the art facility's including 4G indoor pitches, perfect for developing skill and having a true playing surface.

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