Fit football is a new revolution in overall health and social wellbeing for adult men. At fit football we have formed a league where we have brought back everyone who used to kick a ball about with their friends and play in local leagues, out of retirement and back onto the pitch. As i have found there is a forgotten generation of footballers, were the opportunity to play football and be part of a team when you get to a certain age, size or ability becomes very limited.  


What we have provided at fit football is the opportunity for anyone to be part of a competitive football team within a 5 aside football league including cup matches and weekly training sessions held with qualified FA coaches (which include a match). With the goal of improving are overall fitness and wellbeing, creating new friendships and being a part of a fun social football league. Fit football is for everybody, it does not matter how old, how young, how big or how small you are. Football is for everybody. This is why we do team selections before every new league so we can mix youth with age, big with small and create a really competitive football league. ​At fit football we are also trying to create a very sociable environment by keeping us all connected through social media outlets such as what’s app were we have group chats, Facebook were we post social events and information also providing instant support and help along the way.

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